Object of Legal Services Authority Act, 1987 & Functions of Legal Services Institutions


Article 39-A of Constitution of India provides "Free Legal Aid" and "Equal Justice" to all the citizens by the suitable legislation or schemes or in other way to ensure that opportunities to secure justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disability.

In view of this constitutional provision and other obligations the parliament has enacted the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 with the primary objective of providing free and competent Legal Services to the weaker sections of the society.

  1. To provide free and competent Legal Services to eligible persons.
  2. To organize Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of disputes.
  3. To create Legal Awareness about the rights of the weaker and marginalized sections of the society.
  4. To implement schemes and policy directions of NALSA through strategic and preventive Legal Services programmes.